Interdisciplinary Programs of Excellence

5 years.
Principal Investigators must spend minimum 1 year in Singapore.
Addressing global challenges in Singapore with strong support from local agencies, according to Research Innovation Entreprise 2025 of Singapore and CNRS strategy.

Intra-Create Projects

3 years. Thematic calls. 1 – 2 / year.
PIs must spend minimum 7 months in Singapore.
Multi-disciplinary teams across 2+ research institutions of CREATE to achieve greater impact through synergistic research efforts on topics of relevance to Singapore.

Seed Collaborations

18 months. White calls : 1 – 2 / year
PIs must dedicate minimum 25%+ of their time to the Seed collaboration.
Initiating collaborations between 2 early career CREATE investigators (less than 8 years of experience since their PhD).