CNRS@CREATE Ltd., the first CNRS’ overseas subsidiary, acts as a program operator to build and conduct large transdisciplinary research programs. It is a trans-continental hub for research with unique opportunities for high quality faculties, researchers and postgraduate/postdoctoral students.
It is located in Singapore, in the Campus for Research Excellence And Technological Enterprise (CREATE), an international research campus and innovation hub. CREATE hosts the National Research Foundation and interdisciplinary research centres from top universities.

CNRS@CREATE will serve the following purposes:

To strengthen France and Singapore’s global position in the areas of research of the highest potential for present and future society.

To create unique initiatives in trans disciplinary research of excellence and technology development which would not exist under normal circumstances or within a single country or institution.

To encourage direct industry participation in research projects to ensure efficient transformation of research results into innovative products

What type of research funding?

Interdisciplinary Programs of Excellence

5 years.
Principal Investigator (PI): min. 1 year in Singapore.
Addressing global challenges in Singapore with strong support from local agencies, according to Research Innovation Entreprise 2025 of Singapore and CNRS strategy.

Intra-Create Projects


3 years. Thematic calls. 1 – 2 / year.
PI: min. 7 months in Singapore
Multi-disciplinary teams across 2+ research institutions of CREATE to achieve greater impact through synergistic research efforts on topics of relevance to Singapore.

Seed-Funding Projects


18 months. White calls : 1 – 2 / year
PI: min. 25%+ of their time to the Seed project.
Initiating collaborations between 2 early career CREATE investigators (less than 8 years of experience since their PhD).

CNRS@CREATE investigators are eligible to other NRF or Singaporean calls.

How to apply?

Please contact contact@cnrsatcreate.sg for more details and application.