Intra-Create Projects

Intra-Create Projects

3 years. Thematic calls. 1 – 2 / year.
PIs must spend minimum 7 months in Singapore.
Multi-disciplinary teams across 2+ research institutions of CREATE to achieve greater impact through synergistic research efforts on topics of relevance to Singapore.


Intra-CREATE Cities – Selected project: EcoCTs. “Engineering biology for a circular bioeconomy – Towards urban sustainability“


Intra-CREATE: Engineering and Health. Computer Assisted Live Imaging for Predictive Screening of Organoids

Antoine Petit and Christelle Roy visiting the Calipso exhibit


Intra-CREATE: Engineering and Health. Engineering Scaffold-Mediated Neural Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

ScaNCells presentation JCSI 2023


Intra-CREATE: Science of Sustainable Cities. Shaping Public Adaptive Capacity For Environmental Infectious Diseases

iStock SG AI


Intra-CREATE: N-GAP: Nanophotonic GAtes with exciton-Polaritons

NGAP Kick Off