Research Fellow/ Post-Doctoral Position in Biophysical Cell Analysis and Sorting Instrumentation

Job description and main tasks

The team is seeking a postdoctoral fellow in the area of microfluidic engineering and instrumentation development for cell-based biological analysis and sorting. Under the co-supervision of Prof. Jongyoon HAN (MIT / SMART), Prof. Ye AI (SUTD), Prof. Quan LIU (NTU), Prof. Sing Yian CHEW (NTU) and Prof. Laurent DAVID (CNRS), the successful candidate will be focusing on developing platform technologies for quantifying the critical quality attributes (CQAs) of neural stem cells and their progenitors / differentiated cell products. He / She will also develop various cell sorting technologies specifically for neural stem / progenitor cells, for the purpose of aiding and enabling downstream tissue engineering and preclinical study.

The primary job description includes:

  • Develop and validate the capability of characterizing multiple biophysical CQAs (at least two potential electrical and mechanical phenotypes) in a single high-throughput, label-free monitoring process.
  • Develop instrumentations of high-throughput, multimodal biophysical cell sorting.

Work with other members of the team to validate the multimodal biophysical cytometry for quantifying the CQAs of neural progenitors and stem cells in a preclinical setting.

The Research Fellow is expected to work well in a collaborative inter-institute environment.

Required education and skills
  • A degree in bioengineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and other relevant engineering Ph.D. degree from a respectable university
  • Strong hands-on ability to carry out experimental engineering / instrumentation
  • Proven track record in the field of microfluidics and/or microfabrication
  • Priority will be given to candidates who have experience with biophysical phenotyping of single biological cells
  • Creativity to solve challenging technical problems with uncertainty
  • Good communication skills to work with researchers from biological / clinical backgrounds
  • Good writing skills in preparing reports, conference and journal publications

Able and committed to work in Singapore.

Salary and Appointment Terms

Starting salaries will depend on candidate’s qualification and experience. Candidates are expected to start Oct 2020. Review of applicants will continue until positions are filled.

Further information & contact

Applicants should submit a cover letter indicating their area of interest and how they intend to participate and contribute to the research, complete curriculum vitae and addresses of three references in a single PDF document to: