Research Associate or Research Fellow in Socio-cultural aspects and implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in critical urban systems – DesCartes WPX

Job offer posted on 02 May 2024

DesCartes Program (Work Package X) is looking for a Research Associate or Research Fellow position in Socio-cultural aspects and implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in critical urban systems.


The DesCartes programme is developing a hybrid AI, combining Learning, Knowledge and Reasoning, which has good properties (need for less resources and data, security, robustness, fairness, respect for privacy, ethics), and demonstrated on industrial applications of the smart city (digital energy, monitoring of structures, air traffic control).

The program brings together 80 permanent researchers (half from France, half from Singapore), with the support of large industrial groups (Thales SG, EDF SG, ESI group, CETIM Matcor, ARIA etc.).

The research will take place mainly in Singapore, at the premises of CNRS@CREATE, with a competitive salary and generous funding for missions.

Read more about the DesCartes program here.


As a highly interdisciplinary project, DesCartes will also include researchers who will engage in creative practice research, developing projects, resources and critical discourse on AI-human collaboration. In connection with the innovative solutions developed within the program, they will help to shape ideas, visions and research avenues enabling all stakeholders involved to meet future challenges and scenarios.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To engage in exploring the socio-cultural implications of AI (decision making more particularly) in critical urban systems.
  • To research and analyse issues and challenges related to “smart cities”, their models and future developments in order to establish frameworks that enable the development of human-centred, inclusive and sustainable urban innovations.
  • To assist with public outreach strategies and the establishment of collaborations and partnerships with local institutions, festivals and cultural associations;
  • To design, organise and facilitate artistic and/or research workshops, conferences, seminars, field studies and exhibitions to showcase DesCartes outcomes/installations.
  • To engage in the dissemination of the results of the research with the support of and under the supervision of the Principal Investigator.


  • Master or Ph.D. degree in Urban Design (preferred), Transcultural Communication, Cultural Studies or Digital Media. Applications with a bachelor’s degree will also be considered, if completed by some professional experience.
  • Experience in organising and facilitating workshops with non-expert publics.
  • Ability to leverage creativity and tech-forward creative thinking in a meaningful way.
  • Fluency in English written and spoken.


  • Ability to work independently in a multi-cultural team environment.
  • Good working knowledge with design and video editing platforms (such as Adobe Suite), content management systems (WordPress).
  • Proficient in productivity tools, such as Microsoft Office and Google Suite.
  • Must demonstrate initiative and good interpersonal communication skills.

For the RF position: an internationally recognized research track record as evidenced by journal publications and conference presentations.


  • AI-related Creative Practice Research
  • Human-machine co-creation
  • AI Socio-cultural Imaginaries
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Sustainable and inclusive AI


Gross Monthly Salary Range (SGD): 5,500 to 9,000 (depending on suitability and experience).

Duration of the contract: 6 to 8 months (extendable up to 12 months), starting June 1st, 2024.

Workplace address: CREATE Campus, CREATE Tower, 1 Create Way #08-01 Singapore 138602.

Interested applicants please send your resume to Marida DI CROSTA, WPX Lead Principal Investigator:

– Please attach your full CV, with the names and contacts (including email addresses) of two-character referees.

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