Research Assistant (part-time) SPACE

Offer posted on 7 February 2024.

CNRS@CREATE is looking for a Research Assistant (part-time) to join our SPACE project team.


The SPACE project is developing a research protocol for infectious disease prediction and prevention in Singapore. The project draws upon analyses of the risk factors and sociospatial patterns that drive dengue and COVID-19 transmission in Singapore, as well as the social and technical skills developed by individuals and community groups in response to disease propagation. Combining insight from the social sciences (geography, architecture and urban design, communication, economics, sociology, public policy) with biology (epidemiology, entomology) and computer science (artificial intelligence, biostatistics), the project will use the concept of “adaptive capacity” (AC) to explore the potential of community-based “latent social capital” (i.e. human, cultural, political, and social) as key assets for adaptive responses to health challenges related to dengue in its interplay with COVID-19.

The project brings together 23 researchers, 10 from France and 13 from five Singaporean universities (NTU, NUS, SUTD, SMU and SUSS). The research will be conducted in several residential areas of Singapore. 


CNRS @ CREATE is looking for a research assistant to join our team on a part-time basis (up to 20 hours per week) for a period of 1 year, with potential to extend for another year. On a general level, applicants will be selected through a careful assessment of their qualification suitability and alignment to the project. In this role, you will get a chance to:  

  • Recruit research participants and schedule interviews;  
  • Assist with the organisation and publicity of team events; 
  • Liaise with internal partners and external stakeholders; 
  • Handle the data management plan of the project;  
  • Manage project-related communications e.g. update website on an ad hoc basis; 
  • Conduct qualitative interviews with participants on an ad hoc basis, and contribute ethnographic observations on your experiences (training will be provided); 
  • Clean and transcribe qualitative data; and 
  • Assist with all other research-related tasks as determined by the PI.  


This is an ideal opportunity for those interested in developing their career in the fields of qualitative research, healthcare, infectious disease, and prevention.  


  • Bachelor’s degree in related social science field e.g. sociology, geography, political science, public health, urban studies, etc. 
  • Interest in working with residential neighbourhoods; 
  • Proficiency in two Singapore’s official languages would be preferred. 


  • Interest in study of infectious diseases e.g. Covid-19, dengue;  
  • Knowledge of qualitative research methods; 
  • Experience in working with residential neighbourhoods; 
  • Experience with data cleaning e.g. transcription.


The applicant should be based in and have the right to work in Singapore. He/she will be remunerated around S$2,100, depending on experience. We would ideally like you to work with us from March 2024 onwards. The work schedule will include 1 – 2 days in office and work from home arrangements for the rest of the week. We look forward to working with you on this exciting and dynamic project.  

Should you been keen, please submit your CV and a brief cover letter to Natacha Aveline at and Elisabeth Peyroux at   

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