Project coordinator – 0323192


CNRS@Create is seeking a project coordinator in the framework of a collaboration with National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. The 3-year project, supported and NRF intra-Create grant, aims at developing a high content screening imaging platform coupled with deep leaning technology to assist organoid quality control and build new classes of bioassays.

The platform is based on our patented technology (Galland et al., Nature Methods 12(7), 641-644, 2015) and tends towards a standalone instrument with relevant validations.

The newly hired Project coordinator will be in charge of checking the schedule of the progresses of the project made by each partner. He/She will also be in charge of scouting opportunities to work with Singapore Hospitals, and Biotech. He/She should interface between academic partners and Future users to match needs and expectation. Ensure that the technology is designed with the proper norms and using scalable technics. The Project assistant will report to the Principal investigator of the project and help them build an efficient outreach strategy.


  • Identify the needs and the preferred practices of the community in the context of organoid screening (hospitals, companies)
  • Gather market research and user stories from academic and industrial labs (biotech, pharma) to ease future funding.
  • Work with user experience designers (hardware, consumable and software) to establish functionalities for the standalone product.
  • Evaluate regulations governing the hardware, consumable and software (ISO, CE, etc) and integrate into spec sheet for prototype.
  • Follow the research of new micro-fabrication partners for scaling up the production of consumables
  • Ensure that all deliverables are completed in time according to grant.



– A proven knowledge of Biotech ecosystem.
– A demonstrated capacity to interface academia with industry.
– Familiarity with industrial-level production processes is welcomed.
– A demonstrated capacity for multi-partner project coordination.
– Experience in business plan development is a plus.


– Interested applicants please send your resume to prof. Dominique.Baillargeat, to Jean-Baptiste Sibarita (, to Virgile Viasnoff ( and to

– Please attach your full CV, with the names and contacts (including email addresses) of two character referees.
– We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.
– Salary range will be determined based on previous experience.