[BUBBLE] CNRS Bronze Medal 2024 awarded to Prince Amaniampong

BRONZE 2024_AMANIAMPONG Prince Nana © Yves Almécija.png

CNRS Bronze Medal 2024: AMANIAMPONG Prince Nana © Yves Almécija

CNRS news

Prince Amaniampong, Lead-PI of the CNRS@CREATE BUBBLE Seed Collaboration, receives the CNRS Bronze Medal 2024. for his ongoing research, contributing to the development of sonochemistry as an alternative activation tools in assisting catalytic reactions for transformation of bio-based substrates into industrially relevant chemicals.

Prince is a Researcher at the Institut de chimie des milieux et matériaux de Poitiers (CNRS/University of Poitiers).

Congratulations Prince!

The bronze medal rewards initial research that has established a researcher as a specialist in their field. This distinction is a form of encouragement to pursue research that is already well underway and proving successful.